Recommended Janome Sewing Machines for Beginners

best-embroidery-machine-10You might be a Janome sewing machine fan who wants to upgrade your existing machine. Picking Janome among many models is not an easy task. They have their own features, options, and benefits. Here we have compared several types of the sewing machine, and you may pick up the one you really need.

This article will discuss about the best Janome sewing machine check at The first is Janome Magnolia 7318 Sewing Machine. If you are looking for a Janome for beginners, then you should choose this model. It has big enough collection of 17 patterns stitching, including 4-stages buttonhole. You can easily set particularly stitching just by touch a dial. The tension control and length of the sewing is also having their own dial that easily grabbed. To ease your task, it also has stitches locking system’s lever. The second is Janome HD3000 Sewing Machine. If you are aspire to raise the level from beginner into intermediate level of sewing then this one is yours. This model is so good and really easy to handle.

Priced in entry level ranges, this machine is so durable and loaded with so many features that will give big smile to any user. The one that so prominent about this machine is its 7-piece feeder.  Conversely, the fabric feeding system holds the entire control of the feeding process once you have started it, and everything else follows after this.  Thirdly is Janome Gem Gold 600 Sewing Machine. If you are into intermediate or advanced sewing, you can pick this beauty. You have lost of features from this one best of Janome’s. It’s so quite, so you can hardly hear the sound. Moreover, the storage place is really roomy and superbly located. If you want kind of sewing machine that built to last, this Gold Gem should come into your consideration.