Emjoi Epilator to Remove More Hairs

epilator 02Modern epilator uses metal plate row attached in a plastic case. These tweezers rotate in the head of the epilator. When the tweezers are rotating, the end of the plate touches the hair and pulls it out. As the tweezers rotates, the plates are separated. This mechanism allows the epilator to grip your hair continuously and pull it out repeatedly. In order to remove more hair, an epilator needs to have plenty tweezers. Emjoi AP-18 incorporates 72 tweezers. With those many tweezers, this device is able to pull out plenty of hairs at the same time. With a single swipe of this epilator, you are able to remove more hairs compared to other products.

This Emjoi epilator like at http://epilatorpros.com which incorporates an innovation called as Glide Technology. It allows the device to remove your hair easily. It uses one stationary tweezers discs and two moving disc that open and close at the same speed. Therefore, it prevents your skin from scratched when you use this product. The disc on the head incorporates silver ion technology. This innovation prevents bacterial infection as you remove your hair. Moreover, in order to cover more area, this epilator uses dual staggered heads that rotates in opposite directions. You can grip the handle comfortably, since it uses modern and comfortable curve in the handle. Generally, it is not only capable of removing tall hairs, but also fine and short hair.

The price for Emjoi AP-18 is only $79.95 with free cost for the shipment. Most people who already try this product say that the operational system is user friendly. The ergonomic head and handle provides comfort for the users. Since the tweezers are pulling out your hair with the root as well, you can enjoy smooth skin for six weeks. It is capable of pulling out short hair with length less than 0,5 millimeter.