3 Top Heat Pump Reviews

top heat pump 21There are so many brands of heat pump out there. Here, you will see the short reviews of the three best heat pumps in the market. Trane heat pump is in the first position since it is built and engineered thoroughly with excellent technology and system inside. It is built for its very long time life span. There are four options from Trane heat pump you can select. They are Ultra efficiency, Super efficiency, High efficiency and Standard efficiency. SEER or cooling efficiency is rated from 10.00 to 17.65. HSPF is rated from 6.8 to 9.85. The highest models have Energy Star ratings such as for XL20i and XV18 model.

Second brand in the top heat pump reviews is Goodman heat pump. You may have known this brand so well. It is known for its high quality material, affordable price and long life warranty. The average price of the units is $1,400 for the wholesale price. The highest price can be $3,600 if you add other optional parts and installed by a professional. For SEER rating, it is rated from 13 for the lowest model and highest model is 18. HSPF rating is from 8 as the lowest model where it meets the minimum requirement of Energy Star. HSPF rating for the highest model is 9.5

The last is Carrier heat pump. This brand may be the largest as well as oldest brand in HVAC industry. They have upgraded and updated their products to be more impressive in performance, comfortable in using and longer in its lifespan. The highest SEER for highest type called INFINITY is 20.5 while HSPF rating is 13. Efficiency can be very awesome even better than Trane if you install Company’s Greenspeed technology. For the total average cost including the installation is from $5,875 and in wholesale price, it is about $2,350.